Trveheim Sampler Vol 3

Trveheim Sampler Vol 3
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Trveheim Sampler Vol 3
Reference : 2017-5
This time we even got 12 Songs on it, some are exclusive tracks which will be ONLY released on this CD. 11 fantastic NWOTHM bands and an extra track of a legendary band.

Here is the Tracklist:

1. Skullwinx - Carolus Magnus (Pater Europae)
2. Crimson Fire - Knightrider
3. Electric Shock - Heavy Metal Restistance
4. 2nd Sight - Samsara
5. Stallion - From The Dead
6. Stereo Nasty - Reflections Of Madness
7. Fyrecross - Widow's Revenge
8. Diamond Falcon - No Mercy For The Damned
9. Reverend Hound - Enter My Nightmare
10. Steel Messiah - Blood On Ice
11. Thorium - Four By Numer, Four By Fate
12. OSTROGOTH - Too Hot (live) [Bonus Track]
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